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5 Quick and Easy Ways to Update Your House Exterior Before the Holidays

Posted by Devon Shryock

Nov 14, 2016


Your holiday to-do list before Thanksgiving guests arrive is long enough. Worrying about your house exterior and curb appeal shouldn't be on that list. A few fixes here and there can wow your guests without taking too much of your time. Consider these five easy ways to update your house exterior:

1. Touch Up Exterior Paint

Instead of repainting the entire house, focus on a few noticeable spots. Repainting the front door, shutters and railing can fix any chipping or dirty spots while making a big impression on guests. Since repainting a door isn't as much of a commitment as your whole exterior siding, why not try a deep autumnal color like forest green, plum purple and burgundy red for the colder months.

2. Try Seasonal Decorations

Switching out front porch decorations is a quick investment with a large return. Try a fall or holiday-themed welcome mat. If you're looking for a fun, manageable DIY project, consider making a fun harvest wreath. There are many ideas and step-by-step guides on Pinterest to help you get started.

3. Use Autumnal Plants

Plants can brighten your home exterior and welcome guests more than any other small update. Fill exterior window boxes and porch planters with autumnal plants that will thrive in the Bay Area.

4. Update Light Fixtures

It's time to replace any burnt out bulbs and make sure all your exterior light fixtures are still in working order. Consider new sconces as well. It's a seemingly unimportant aspect of your home exterior, yet the sconces — and the lights they hold — guide family and friends to your front door.

5. Install New Hardware

Chipped doorknobs and weathered house numbers can be replaced with a simple trip to any home improvement store. Why not switch things up with a new brushed bronze doorknob, a new doorbell or updated house numbers?

Of course, if your home needs more than a little sprucing up before Thanksgiving dinner, be sure to call the exterior siding experts at Peninsula Siding Company. We'll work with you, on your schedule, to ensure your home reflects your joy this season.

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