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Three Steps to Building the Best Catio

Posted by Devon Shryock

Dec 12, 2016



Last month, we talked about creating a dog-friendly backyard. This month, it's all about our other four-legged furry friends: cats! As the Bay Area continues to grow, it's becoming less and less safe for outdoor cats. But we shouldn't deprive our indoor friends of fresh air just to keep them safe! That's where a catio comes in. It provides a safe space for you cat to reap the benefits of the great outdoors. Here are the three things you should think about when planning and building a catio:

Find the right location

  • For easy access, a catio needs to be attached to your house. You can have a cat tunnel extended from the porch to a separate "cat house." You can also convert your back patio into a catio fairly easily.
  • The most important feature of a catio is that it must be safe and enclosed. Whether you use a screen or some wire, just make sure there's no way for your cat to escape.
  • Unless you have air vents, we would advise against relying on windows. The goal of a catio is to give your furry pal a breath of fresh air, so ventilation is key.
  • Give your cat something to look at. A view can help your cat experience the outdoors from their safe perch.

Built it up

  • A catio can be a range of sizes. If your cat likes room to run, you'll need a bigger catio than one built for an older, calmer cat.
  • One of the best things about a catio is that you can build one on your own. In fact, there are a lot of DIY options on Pinterest. However, if you're feeling overwhelmed, there are some kits you can buy as well. The key is to choose the option that works best for your and your cat's needs.

Cater to your cat

  • This is the fun part. Fill up the catio with all your cat's favorite things. That means stocking it full of scratching posts, perches, toys and a fluffy cat bed.
  • If the catio is far from your cat's usual food and water station, you'll want an extra water bowl in the new space.
  • This may seem obvious, but you'll need an extra litter box in the catio as well. Yes, it's another thing to scoop. However, it's better than cleaning up after the alternative.

Of course, once you build the perfect, safe catio, you won't want to update your siding for a while. Make sure the exterior of your house is in tip-top shape before you add a cat haven onto it. Call Peninsula Siding Company if new exterior siding is the first step to a home you and your cat love.

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