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Start Your House's New Year's Resolutions Early

Posted by Devon Shryock

Dec 26, 2016


Let's face it, New Year's resolutions lists that are written mid-January are usually forgotten by February. That's why we're getting a jumpstart on planning all of our 2017 projects and you should too. If the idea of writing a New Year's resolutions list for everything you want to get done around the house is a little overwhelming, we've broken it done for you, step-by-step:

Plan it out.

Put together a list of everything you want to accomplish over the next year. Dream big or dream small, just write it down. If a task isn't on your initial list, you probably won't get to it in 2017.

Survey the house.

Take a look at your exterior siding. Take a look at the other houses in your block or neighborhood. Take a look at your landscaping and yard — both the front yard and the backyard. Bring your list with you and you survey and write down anything you want to spruce up, or totally remodel.

Whittle it down.

Once you have a complete wishlist, sit down and go over every item. What do you absolutely need to get done over the next year and what could wait until 2018? There is nothing more daunting than a New Year's resolutions list that's impossible to finish.

A good way to edit down your list is to separate tasks into big projects and little projects. Big projects can cost more, take more time or drastically change your house. Smaller projects could require less of a commitment or could be DIY. If you have too many big projects on your resolution list, you might not finish them all or over commit yourself. Too many small projects might make you feel like you didn't get enough done in 2017. A balanced list is important.

Prioritize your tasks.

What are the top three things you realistically can and want to accomplish next year? Move those to the top of your list because they should be your focus. Put a time deadline on the project to hold yourself, and your resolutions list, accountable.

Get the ball rolling!

Putting your New Year's resolutions list together early means you get started on January 1! You know what you want to accomplish, so get started now. After all, you're less likely to forget about your resolutions if you start making plans immediately.

Let Peninsula Siding Company help you have the best year yet, and cross resolutions off your list. If 2017 is the year of increasing your curb appeal with new exterior siding, give us a call.

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