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Please Your Pup with a Pet-Friendly Backyard

Posted by Devon Shryock

Nov 28, 2016


Hopefully, you've been enjoying your Fall Patio as much as we have this season. While you're outside with friends or a good book, does your dog join you? Is the backyard safe enough for your dog to run free? Creating a pet-friendly backyard isn't complicated. It only takes a few adjustments and a little bit of training before your four-legged pal can fetch, jump and dig safely.

  • For a dog-safe backyard, you need a sturdy fence that's tall with no holes. Be sure there are no gaps below the fence your pup can burrow out.

  • To further dissuade your dogs from digging around the fence, plant bushes around the perimeter. Just ensure the plants are safe for animals. Avoid azaleas, lilies and daffodils, for example. For easy reference, here is a list of some of the most common poisonous plants.

  • Provide backyard shaded areas to protect your canine from the elements. If you have any fully-grown trees, they provide perfect sun shade. A dog house or covered patio will also do the trick.

  • Set up special designated digging areas to avoid tripping hazards. It only takes a bit of training to ensure your dog digs in the sand or mulch areas. If you're really concerned about the lawn, you might want to consider replacing the grass with environmentally-safe artificial turf.

  • If your backyard gets a lot of sun exposure, consider a cool pathway to protect your pup's paws from the heat. Walkways made of concrete, brick or smooth stones can be aesthetically pleasing to backyard guests and help keep your dog safe.

  • After running, digging and fetching all day, your dog probably gets thirsty. Make sure there is always available water in your backyard. This could be as simple as replacing a bowl of water on the patio. Or, you could go above and beyond by connecting a garden hose to a canine water bottle or fountain.

  • After you set up the perfect pet-friendly backyard, the last thing you want to do is step in waste. Try to train your dog to go to the bathroom in the same spot in your backyard for easy clean-up. Just make sure it's not the same area as the digging pit!

Once your four-legged best friend is happy in his new backyard oasis, you'll have time to think about how much you love your home's exterior. If you're ready for a change, consider new siding for a new look (and a boost in curb appeal). Give Peninsula Siding Company a call to get started on your dream house today!

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