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Is Your Red House Inspiring or an Eyesore? (How Paint Color Affects Curb Appeal)

Posted by Devon Shryock

Sep 26, 2016


Your house should highlight your personality. A fresh coat of paint or new exterior siding can say a lot about you and your neighborhood. It can also raise your curb appeal and attract the eye of potential buyers. There are some times, however, when you can go too bold and stick out like a sore thumb. Before you paint your house bright red, consider how your paint color could affect our curb appeal. Here are the questions we like to ask:

What will the neighbors think?

Giving your home character with a vibrant exterior siding color can raise its curb appeal. While a pop of color is always appreciated, if you don't fit with the rest of your neighborhood, your house will stick out – and not in a good way. If your neighborhood has a Homeowners' Association, there may be specific guidelines you need to follow. After all, your exterior paint color could affect your neighbors' curb appeal as well. Don't worry, though, you should still avoid having the same exact exterior color as your next-door neighbor.

Have you thought about trying an accent?

Sometimes a subtle accent can speak volumes. That's why we love when homeowners choose a neutral exterior siding color and go with a bold complementing color for the trim or front door. A bright red door can instantly draw a potential buyer's eye directly to your house. Some even say it can bring good luck!

Can you match the style of your home?

The architecture style of your home may limit the exterior colors you should choose from. A Spanish-style house, for example, tends to look best in a neutral tan or beige. The beautiful Victorian houses that are so popular in the Bay Area, often feature exciting and bold siding colors. So, if you have a farmhouse-style home, we would wholeheartedly recommend Countryland Red siding from James Hardie.

Changing the exterior color fo your home can be a big decision. That's why we like to use James Hardie's design tool to try some different combinations out first. It saves time, money and is really fun!

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